Sunday, October 21, 2012

E-Mail #70 a pretty sweet month!!!!

E-Mail #70
October 15th, 2012

Hello dear family, stalkers!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful week!!!
Its been a pretty good week here in odessa! Last monday i got my hair cut, i was just going to get it trimmed....but i went a little crazy and now its chin actually looks pretty good!! I was surprised how well it turned out, i've never really had my hair that short.
Well last week i went to the good 'ol dentist again....why....because i'm a barnum.....yep, i guess thats just how we roll, always going to the dentist. I did not recieve happy news, but they put me on some antibiotics to hold me over until i come home and get the dental work done when i go home. I got a blessing to help make sure i dont get into some real pain until i go home and can have it fixed. I love blessings and the power of the priesthood!!! Its truely a power from God, no one on earth would be able to have that power if it were not for a loving Heavenly Father who will and has blessed us so much in our lives.
While we were down in Liberty for the dentist appointment we made good use of our time and took Rae who got baptized on my birthday to the Liberty Jail! I seriously love the Liberty Jail, the spirit is so strong there. And it had a whole new meaning after general conference because of President Eyrings talk about the pavilions we put over our heads, since that revelation was recieved in Liberty Jail, they talk about it, and it just was such a spiritual thing, made me thing what pavilion i have put over my head between me and my Father. Always room for improvement right?! Best thing about the spirit, always helping us improve!
We also saw our wonderful Dawn from New Jersey!! She is pretty sweet!! I love talking with her. We told her our first names and so now she always calls us by our first name, it makes me laugh. We have such a great relationship going with her, i love sharing the gospel with people that we have built that friendship with. It makes the conversations so productive and open. We all learn, including us missionaries. I love experiences like that. She still isn't sure how to recoginze the spirit, but it will happen, she will feel it hit her, when the time is right. Obviously Heavenly Father is VERY aware of her, considering the way he sent us to her!!! She's just pretty darn AWESOME!!
We had our zone training this week. I LOVE the new system of zone training!! Its always sooo uplifting. It was to prepare us a lot for the Gladys Knight Performance! Oh man, i hear it went really amazingly good!! I am so excited to hear how the work will just BOOM from her performance!! Im sure it will be amazing!!
Nick got confirmed this week in church! He is such an amazing guy!!! His testimony just makes me feel so humble and blessed to have his influence in my life. Of his dedication to the gospel!! We gave him a framed picture of Jesus Christ to put in his room to help him to remember the promise he has made. His blessing with his confimation was truely amazing. I know he is going to be such a strong pillar to those around him. It will be great!! He is going to be preparing to recieve the preisthood hopefully in 2 weeks. Also Eddi who got baptized last month recieved the preisthood yesterday!! It was so exciting!!! I love the preisthood and i LOVE seeing people progress in the Gospel. It never stops at baptism!! Thats just the beginning, of greater love and understanding!! Greater oportunity to serve others and share the Gospel with them!!
I can not believe how fast my mission is ending!! Its really amazing. The first two months of my mission i think was the longest time of my life, and now i KNOW the last 2 months are going to be gone before i know it. My heart burns to share the gospel with EVERYONE i see, to let them know what i believe and what i know to be true! My time is running short and i want everyone to know that i am a witness of Jesus Christ and i have something special, important and LIFE CHANGING that they NEED TO KNOW!!! I pray that i can do as my father has told me and find those that he still has left for me to find!!! I know there are some out there, i know that Dawn was one of them!! I am grateful for the blessing i recieved this week, to hear the words that my father is pleased with the work i have done and am doing, several times.....its so comforting to know, that he knows that i am imperfect but even with those imperfections that the is pleased. All he wants is me to turn to him, to trust in him, and keep working and he will continue to be pleased with the work i do in his behalf. I love that reminder of what a blessing it is to do this. To be his servant 24/ do his work. There is nothing better i could have done with my life over the last 16 months than what i have been doing, and what i will continue to do that last 2 months!! As you pray for me, pray that i will find those that our Father needs ME to find while i am doing his work! I love you all so much and am always so grateful for your love and support for me!! Thank you for everything!!!!
Love Sister Brooke Barnum......a missionary.....a mormon.....a representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints....A representative of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!
p.s.............i didn't really cut my hair to my chin, i just got it trimmed. ;-)


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