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E-Mail #67 Week from...Well lets Not Re-Live this one!

E-Mail #67
September 24th, 2012
Hey everyone!!!
Well last Sunday (a week ago) i thought that i had gone through one of the toughest days ever on my mission.....but i guess that was just Satan saying be prepared because I'm not done throwing stuff your way. Needless to say this week has been one of the toughest emotionally wearing week ever!!! But the week did start off good. We went to warrensburg for a zone pday and it was a BLAST!!! It was so fun to with the missionaries all day. We played sand volleyball and it was fun. Then we played football, well they7 played football and i watched. haha. It was fun though. So that was a great start. We'll just stick with the good stuff and give a short summary of the bad. Also on Wednesday we had a missionary themed mutual night! Which went way awesome! The youth were so great and the spirit was so strong. It was so fun to be in charge of a mutual night and put it all together and give them a boost to do missionary work and prepare to serve missions! It went way awesome! We also had a guy who is preparing to serve a mission in our ward share his testimony which was such a stellar testimony! I am so excited for him to serve! It will be way awesome!!! Amidst some of the worst days there are we were driving in the middle of no-where and came across these signs that I'll attach pictures of for you to REALLY enjoy! Those signs for sure made our day and helped us know that God DOES have a sense of humor and he will put a smile on our face even when things are super hard in missionary life! We also had a fun appointment with a couple that is in their 70's and after talking about prayer and fasting taught the wife how to be gangster and taught her to say 'JK' and 'FO-SHO' hahah. She did wonderful at learning. we will teach her more great stuff soon! We also had some more great appointments with our miracle mini Joseph smith....he is so excited to get baptized and just so sincere. He really loves the church and is so sensitive to the spirit! Its so cool, i wish i was like him at 13.
Well here is some of the stuff that went wrong this week. 1. a recent convert is going through some hard times and instead of letting us support that person, we basically got broken up with, i haven't had much boyfriend experience but i honestly think that break up was the worst of all of them. We were told by that person that they were not coming back to church until things got better....whatever that equals....we don't know. So basically a recent convert saying that they are not coming back to church for a couple weeks....and us praying that Satan does not get his licks in while he can. 2. sadly...but good....but sad our baptism didn't go through. He did not feel ready, which is totally okay. but it was very unexpected and we got that news while we were getting broken up with. 3. ALL of our appointments on Friday fell through, INCLUDING our district meeting, which its just a bad sign when missionaries cancel meeting with other missionaries. 4. i hit my 3 months left mark....which led to an emotional break down with all the above emotional crap going on with it. 5.....i JUST FOUND OUT that I'm coming home 4 days early....LAME!!!
yep....that was the gist of our week. Mind you reading it and even writing it, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was a very big deal this week on us emotionally. We were just drained and done and cried...A LOT!!!! i mean... A LOT!!!!! So good times....
Bonus of this week, we got our own jar of the FAMOUS Kellogg and sons BBQ sauce.........alright its not famous YET....but he entered it in a HUGE BBQ competition, and he is totally going to win!!! because that sauce is AMAZING!!! AHHHHMAZING!!! Check out his website to order you some, i highly suggest it....
That was a pretty sweet kick in our week, we have used it as much as we can, we also had a wonderful visit with the great Kellogg family, they are our mom and pop out here, always making sure we are doing good and checking in on us and such! I love having those people around who care for us and take care of us!
This week is transfer week and things are going to be changing a lot!! We had an all sisters conference call, which has never happened since I've been on my mission. And president Keyes was telling us of the changes that are going to happen, not in details but in a sense that there will be alot of changes because of how many sister are coming out to the mission. Of 22 companionship's 17 of them will be in training, which is a big thing! So that's crazy!! i honestly don't know if i will be staying in Odessa, i really hope i am, but both sister park and i are feeling like they are going to white wash the area and pull both of us out. We don't find out until tomorrow night. I pray that they don't send both of us out, but its a good chance. So look forward to next weeks email telling you what happened!!!
I hope that you all have another great week!!! Thank you for all your support and everything you all do for me!!!
p.s. the picture of the cat is the neighbors cat which acts more like a stray cat that i feed, because i am THAT desperate to have a pet!!! haha.
AND everyone should put as much about conference as they can all over their facebook and blogs!!!
Sister Barnum



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