Sunday, October 21, 2012

E-Mail #68 Still in ODESSA Missouri!!!

E-Mail #68
October 1st, 2012

Hello everyone!!!
I hope it has been a pretty darn awesome week for you all. It has been for us. I am still in Odessa, with a new companion sister Peterson, she is 4'10 and a little fireball, she's super funny, and super intense sometimes, i just laugh! haha. Sister Park is now serving in the Independence Visitors Center, so that will be good for her. We had some really good appointments this week. We met with Dillon who was going to get baptized a couple weeks ago but it didn't happen, and he is praying about a new date to get baptized. He is such a great guy. He really has a testimony of the truth of the gospel, he just wants to feel ready, and that is totally understandable! We also had another great appointment with a couple we are teaching, and they are doing pretty awesome. I love teaching people, especially those that we have been teaching for a while. Its so neat to see the changes they make and the spiritual strength that comes into their eyes as they learn of the gospel!
Because my new companion came in from Kansas i had to spend all day in independence Thursday waiting for her. It was a very fun day actually. haha. I watched some church movies in the visitors center, i finished the book of Mormon, i watched ALL the videos in the visitors center. It was pretty fun. haha. I got to be around some other sisters, and some of the elders that were going home were at the VC for about 20 minutes so i hung out and talked with them. I cant believe i only have 1 transfer left. I really pray that i will finish in Odessa. I already have one of my favorite members here lined up to bring me into independence when its time to go home. She's like a sister, she does all the same things our family does, crafts, is a good cook, bakes....she just feels like family, so i want her to bring me to the mission office before i go home. Plus its always nice to finish your mission with people you know. if i move my last 6 weeks, it will be by the time i get to know people i will be leaving. So you all should include in your prayers that i finish my mission in Odessa, although i guess you can wait to start praying for that until the first week of November when President Keyes starts to figure out transfer business. haha.
Friday we went to a WEDDING!!!! We went to Maggi and Eddi's wedding. Eddi is the one that got baptized on Sept 4th. Their wedding was so great!!! It was so fun to be a part of their wedding! Then later in the night we went back to help them clean up, it was fun to help clean up, that way all the family didn't have to worry so much about the cleaning and spend time with the bride and groom.
Saturday we went to the relief society broadcast and it was super awesome. Oh man, i LOVE the new relief society presidency!!! they are truly amazing!!! Oh man the spirit was so strong and i CANT WAIT for general conference!!! oh man it is going to be amazing.
OH and we have another baptism this week!! WOOHOO!!! Nick is getting baptized!!! He is the coolest 13 year old i know, i think him and Joseph smith were best buddies in the spirit world!! He is so excited and so prepared to get baptized and get the priesthood and just keep being amazing!!!! I know i don't have much to say, but i have lots of pictures, so ENJOY!!!
Sister Barnum




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