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E-Mail #69 I'm a Mormon...I Know it, I Live it, I LOVE IT!!!!!

E-Mail #69
October 8th, 2012

Hello everyone!!!!
Man wasn't general conference AMAZING?!!??
I love general conference, i always feel so uplifted and edified. I always hear what i need to, and realized what i need to do to be better....ASAP. haha.
This week was a pretty darn good week! I felt like there were LOTS of good miracles this week! The one that was my personal favorite is earlier this week in the night i had a very vivid dream of a name of a person we needed to go visit. Just kept coming into my mind i my dream, and even while asleep i remember thinking, huh...this must be important i should remember this name. Then the next day as we worked all day, that name just kept staying in my mind and in my mind and in my mind. Well finally i said, lets go try this name as one of the places we were going to didn't work out. She see's us walking up to her door and comes out. Its not the lady we were looking for but someone who moved in. As we talked with her about who we are, she gasped and said that the last 2 weeks all she has been thinking is i really need to go back to church. But she has never gone to church here because she is from New Jersey. So because the spirit told me too, i usually dont tell people that i had a dream about them because then i feel like it makes me sound creepy. But i told her that i had a dream that we needed to come see her, and that all i could think about today was coming to this house. So here we are. We set an appointment to come back the next day and visit her. We went back and taught her the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! It was TRUELY an amazing experience. OH and this lady lives in a like combined house...type deal...well her sister lives next door. She opens her sister door because they are next to each other and tells her to come out. Well i feel like these ladies are family because as soon as the sister came out, the lady we were talking to introduced her and the sister said....'im adopted' I started laughing SO HARD!!! i of course told them about my aunt hopie and my mom and how my mom always says she is adopted when in reality Hope is the one adpoted!! haha. There were lots of other funny and super random comments made that i felt like i was standing with family on that front porch, it was hysterical!!! Even more proof of why Heavenly Father wanted me there. Because i am meant to teach them, they are basically family in everything they do and say!! Who better to share the gospel with than your family ?!
That was the big miracle of this week!!!
I wrote down some of my favorites from conference.
~With FAITH come trials of FAITH and increase in FAITH
~He waits upon us to come to ourselves and to come home to him
~Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not.
~IM A MORMON, I KNOW IT, I LIVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! (now i really wanna have a shirt made that says that just because of her talk! haha)
Those are just a few of general conference highlights.
One of my favorites was President Monsons talk. I mean....if ALL the prophet spoke about for 15-20 minutes was examples of PRAYERS ANSWERED....then WHAT is our Heavenly Father trying to tell us?!!?
Well i know what he was telling me, he was telling me to put my FAITH into that MY PRAYERS will not only be HEARD, but they WILL BE ANSWERED!!! I have let my prayers just get super lazy lately, i dont know why, i was doing sooo great, for a good time at saying true meaningful prayers. I was so grateful for that reminder from the prophet, from GOD....that our prayers WILL BE HEARD AND THEY WILL BE ANSWERED!!! I can ask anything, ANYTHING....yes it need to be with his will in mind, but even the small things, even a i dont feel pretty today Heavenly Father, will you bless me to have someone give me a compliment? and he hears that.....and he answers that!!! Does that have any ETERNAL SIGNIFICANCE?! no....does that have anything to do with me returning home to him??! NO.....does he love me because i am his daughter and he sees what mortal needs i have and desire and he blesses me....YES!!!! Yes he does!!!! I will not, EVER doubt that. I hope that i can do better at staying on top of that as i put my FAITH into ACTION in my prayers. As i not only TRUST that he will bless me with the ETERNAL WORTH things, but also the little things, that seem insignifcant, but they matter! They matter to him, because it matters to us!
We are always improving in life. None of us ever stop. we have to keep improving, which is why i am graterful for conference, that time to feel the spirit and to know what you as an individual need to improve on....sometimes its a list of like 50 things to improve on....okay MOST the time its a list that big. But hey, we got God on our you can NEVER LOSE THAT BATTLE!!!
OH and i almost forgot to talk about our BAPTISM THIS WEEKEND!!! It went sooo good!!! our little miracle Nick, who left the room to pray to know if its true....well he got BAPTIZED!!! The spirit was TRUELY amazing at his baptism!!! Oh went so good. I am so grateful for his example to SO MANY in this ward. He will be a stellar missionary!!!
Here are pictures ENJOY!!!
Sister Barnum


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