Tuesday, September 11, 2012

E-Mail #65 Hello ALLLLLLLL!!!!!

E-Mail #65
September 10th, 2012
Why hello family and friends!!
I hope you all have had a wonderful week! I cant believe its already september. I cant believe tomorrow is september 11th. Man, time just flies. We were talking with someone yesterday and talked about how everyone remembers exactly where they were that day 11 years ago!! So crazy! My prayers go out to those that are affected and reminded of that sad day that they lost loved ones! Im sure missionary work in that area BOOMS every year around this time. haha. Hopefully it does anyways, all those people deserve to know the truth of eternal families!!!
Well we had our baptism last week!!! WOOHOO!!! Edward got baptized! It was such a spiritual baptism! It was great. The best part is they are really good friends with another couple, who the girl is a member and the guy is not. But he has been coming to church since the temple open house!! Well we finally asked him if we could teach him a week ago sunday and this baptism was his first he went to. So we asked him how he liked it and his response was 'I CANT WAIT FOR MINE!' 'I wish i could go do it right now' ............................. yea.................thats what he said!!! Needless to say sister park and i again were completely silent, and had no idea what to say. Finally i asked him if thats something that he really wants....to get baptized. and he said yes! So we asked him to think about what day he would like to get baptized on and we will talk about it at our appointment. Well our appointment later in the week went AMAZING! The spirit was so great!! I was so thankful for it! He is now preparing to be baptized on sept 22nd!!! WOOHOO!! Its going to be such a wonderful baptism! I love seeing miracles!!
Also this week we taught a women who has also been coming to church since the open house at the temple. We taught her and it was also AMAZING. She told us she didn't feel that she needed to pray about Joseph because she knows he's really a prophet!! Yea....again....complete silence. I've never had anyone tell me no to a prayer because they already knew it was true. haha. Pretty awesome. So she is preparing for baptism on Oct 23rd! woohoo!!
Miracles are falling from the sky! I am so thankful to be a part of all this! Its pretty awesome! It has been a very great week. We have been able to visit lots of people and talk with them and help them come closer to recieving to gospel.
Oh and the couple that we teach every week, we taught on saturday and it was such a wonderful spiritual experience!!! We finally were able to share the first lesson, about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Man, the spirit was amazing. It was tough, they had a hard time understanding the apostasy, but it was great! Because the spirit told me to testify of the Book of Mormon and when i did the spirit was sooo strong, it testified so strong to their hearts. You could see it in their spirit and in their countanences that the spirit was telling them what we were saying WAS TRUE!!! SO GREAT!!! I love moments like that as a missionary!!
Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. I am looking forward to another great week, and another week that brings us closer to general conference! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! :) It will be a GREAT WEEK!! But before then, we have more baptisms and they will be GREAT!!!
Stay tuned for more miracles.....same time, next week!
Sister Barnum


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