Tuesday, November 1, 2011

E-mail #22


It's Sister Barnum here, reporting from JUNCTION CITY!!!!! I am still in Junction City and SO HAPPY about that. I also now have a new companion.....her name is Sister Fie'eiki. (good luck trying to say that, it took me 2 days to say right) She is poly-and-tongan and GREAT! It was super sad to say goodbye to sister dent. She was a great trainer and i am so thankful for all that she put up with and all that she did to help. She left me an amazing present that i will cherish my entire life! She is now back at the visitors center and serving in Riverview. She was happy to go back, but also sad because Junction City is AMAZING!! It has been an eventful week with transfers, it was my first time having that happen. You only get a days notice and then you have to find a ride to get us to the transfer bus the next day. But we were able to go with Sister Pace who is an amazing member that we love so much. But back tracking back to the beginning of last week. We went to go see one of our investigators who is struggling with the thought that there is a living prophet so we challenged him to watch the talk by Thomas S Monson before we came back, well when we went back, a total lack of faith on our part, heavenly father put us in check and this investigator had looked up Thomas S Monsons life history.....and printed it out, he brought it out in his hands. The darn thing didn't say prophet on it though......it said president of the church, so he still didn't believe us, but it was a great experience, and HF for sure showed us that we need to have a little more faith!! But it was a great experience. That night we got our transfer calls at like 1027 at night, we are supposed to be in bed at 1030....we were super anxious. It was a crazy experience to know that there for sure were changes being made. 3 of the 4 companionships in our district changed. Elder Nelson is now training (remind you that he just finished getting trained, this is his 3rd transfer, and he is the district leader, but he is so great i knew he would be put in leadership position right off the bat) and we got a new zone leader, and i got a new comp. So its going to be a party. Actually today we are going to Manhattan and we are going to party with them the rest of the day!!!!!! We are not allowed to go out on Halloween unless we have appointments, which we don't, because it is Halloween, so we are going to party it up with our district. It will be a blast! Anyways, going back to Wednesday. So it was sister dents last day and we were running around, we had a lot of appointments and tried to say goodbye to as many ward members as possible if we were near them. Which we thankfully every where we went that day was in the neighborhood of a member, so we stopped in for a minute so we could say goodbye to some of them. Thursday went by pretty fast, we went to the transfer bus in topeka....the transfer bus is literally a big like grey hound bus full of missionaries that picks them up and drops them off where they are going. So we dropped off sister dent and picked up sister fie'eiki. It was a fast and fun first day. Friday was our ward fall festival and trunk or treat....and it was a BLAST!!!! one of our members (the family) is the most funny family i have ever met, every time we are there i am laughing so hard. So their son dressed up as a old lady for Halloween and had a walker and all. So at the trunk or treat, as people were trying to leave the parking lot he would on purpose walk in front of them really slow with his walker and i have not laughed so hard for such a long time. I lost it every time he did it, and at one point he like paused and fell like he was having a stroke. i was laughing so hard! i attached a picture i got of him, he was hysterical. The bishop said to me later that he thought i was crying but then realized i was laughing super hard. It was a great night, so many people showed up and lots of non-members. I hope it was a positive experience for them with out church, i know i had a blast. Then Saturday and Sunday was the MOST AMAZING STAKE CONFERENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!! I love our stake. They are such inspired people. I took 7 pages of notes because it was that good! I should have brought that notebook with me so i could share some great quotes. But just trust me, it was super good and spiritually uplifting. So overall it has been a great and spiritually filled week. I am excited for this new companionship and to see how things go. We have already had such a blast, I'm sure it will just get better. I hope everyone is doing great and you are all having a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Love you all!!!!
Sister Barnum

And remember to write me, my address is still the same
104 W 4th St apt 207
Junction City KS